Virtual Tour

Click on this photo for a virtual tour

Click on this photo for a virtual tour

Actually pretty much What you see, is what you get!. Cheese ‘n Stuff Deli is a deli in a true New York fashion: Small and functional.

  1. Walk into the deli and past the checkout counter to the back of the deli. You may have to walk past a few people waiting to place their order, but “Hey… that’s New York.” Review the board and posters as you go.
  2. At the far back of the deli Stan will greet you with a smile. Tell him exactly what you want to order. You can preview the menu here ahead of time to save a bit of the process.
  3. Tell one of his daughters (yes it’s been a family operation for over 60 years) if you want potato salad, macaroni salad or three bean salad. Or better yet… CHEESECAKE!
  4. When you get to the register, decide if you want chips and or a beverage.
  5. The other daughter will ring you up, and then you pull up a chair at one of the tables.
  6. If you have lots of time, at the far back of the deli is a checkerboard.
  7. The last step is ENJOY!

Take a look at our full menu by CLICKING HERE