In New York, some things you don’t know unless you are “in the know.”

Here is a tip that is not published anywhere else but here. We really don’t even make much of a thing about it at the restaurant, cause for us, it’s just “business as usual.” But for you, this tip might make you the envy of your neighborhood or office.

If you are looking for very clever items that you can’t find anywhere else in Phoenix… actually, probably not anywhere in the entire state of Arizona… remember that the supply truck bringing many of the shelf items arrives from New York right around the third week of each month.

Come in around that time to find many things that will leave your friends, spouse or partner in awe. Call us if you are coming from any great distance to make sure that the truck has been here.

BTW: Another insider secret is that Stan’s Birthday is September 22. Say Happy Birthday to him around that time. He doesn’t know this is posted here, and it will shock him that you would know!